Must and wine are grape products and usually contain many living micro-organisms that cause various transformations or alterations of the final product improving it or deteriorating it.

To guarantee the best possible result the grapes should of be good quality, follow a method of correct vinification, have clean reservoirs, barrels and space.

From the first stages it is already imperative that the process is supported and followed up in detail from a responsible enological laboratory. Our role here is very important.

With the new enological techniques, the continuous follow-up of the wine process into time, but also the new non-allergenic products of treatment we can achieve a very good quality of wine. Our laboratory provides all the suitable advices aiming at the continuous training of each amateur wine maker.

The equipment that is used for the conduct of analyses is of the latest technology. The analysis and measurement instruments are completely automated, certified with ISO to guarantee the best result, the precision of measurement in each analysis, and in the same time eliminate human error.