Wineries support

We provide material, analytic or advisory support of wine factory.

Material support

Support of wine factory with oenological additives of new generation as dough, ferments, ammoniac, tannins, ALB, betonite, yeasts tartaric acid , citric acid and other not allergenic preparations from known constructors of oenological additives of abroad.

Analytic Support

The precision of measurements and the fast service at the duration of vintage satisfy each professional winemaker for the fast decision-making. The instruments that are used for the conduct of analyses of wine are of the latest technology, completely automated, certified with ISO and they guarantee the best result and the precision of measurement in each analysis, eliminating simultaneously the human error.

Consulting Support

Before the beginning of the vintage, are realized meetings in the winery and also in the laboratory for the organization and the co-ordination of work of wine factory and the laboratory. In the meeting is decided the use of concrete enological materials and is created simultaneously a protocol for each variety separately. From the beginning of the vintage until the final bottling of the wine visits are realized in the place of production, to control continuously the parameters that influence the wine and its characteristics, as well as continuous laboratorial analyses. After the end of alcoholic fermentations, a laboratorial and an instrumental sampling control of wine is realized in monthly base, in addition protocols of management of the wine are applied up to the final bottling.