The Laboratory



The Chemical  Enological Laboratory Enolab was founded in 2009 in Thiva  with one goal to provide: consulting, research and analytical services.

The principal reason for the start up of the Enolab laboratory was to cover the needs of local food enterprises, private individuals, and customers of the wider region for analyses in water, wine and olive oil. The main fields of analyses of Enolab laboratory are water and waste water, wine, olive oil, soil and agricultural products.

The equipment that is used for the conduct of analyses is of the latest technology. The analysis and measurement instruments are completely automated, certified with ISO to guarantee the best result, the precision of measurement in each analysis, and in the same time eliminate human error.

Enolab is certified with ISO 9001:2008  for all the procedures and measurements in water analyses.

Enolab assisted  as supervisor the laboratory  of Indevin winery in New Zealand  for the harvest of 2012 and 2013  .

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